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tum logo eso logo blue GHOU 2010 and GTTP/Training Conference: Germany

August 1-7, 2010

Conference accommodations


Places to stay in Garching

Places to stay in Munich
(not guaranteed by the collaboration)


This is the 13th Global Hands-on Universe Meeting

GHOU 2010 is organized by Technische University Munich (TUM) and European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Munich, Germany.


August 1-2-3, 2010: GTTP/Training conference
This will be in Garching at TUM, where we will take advantage of the wonderful Garching Science infrastructure.

A very significant experience for most of our workshop attendees: ESA, ESO, Big Reactor, BMW factory, etc.

August 4, 2010: Conference Tours!
To be announced.

August 5-6-7, 2010: GHOU conference
at TUM in Garching.


Scope of the Conference

Global Hands-on Universe (GHOU) is a global project which links together teachers, scientists and educators from high schools, universities, research ceners, and science centers all over the world. It incorporates modern methods such as problem-oriented and cross-curricular education as well as substantial contacts to scientists allowing students to participate in genuine astronomy projects. GHOU students have discovered asteroids and supernovae from their classrooms.


HOU, founded in 1992, is one of the first “Research-Education-Cooperation” (REC) worldwide.

The conference will focus on the activities in different countries, strategies in public outreach and public understanding of science and research, new HOU projects, progress on research facilities, cultural and historical aspects coming from more than 20 nations.


As part of the International Year of Astronomy, Global astronomy workshops were held in 90 nations around the world, reaching 5000 teachers. GHOU endeavors to coordinate and organize the rich activities and resources that can be shared by all of these groups together.


Papers will be presented by HOU organizers and by HOU teachers. There will be numerous possibilities to find contact to HOU teachers and students from different places. Additional sessions will report the possibilities of global collaborations, HOU students’ exchange, remote and robotic telescopes.




Local Organizing Committee

Andreas Kratzer, TUM

Verena Kratzer, University of California, Berkeley

Christine Wittmann, TUM

Nastaran Matthes, TUM Informatics

Dominik Bösl, TUM

Christian Clemens, MPE + TUM

Wolfgang Dorsch, Gymnasium Ettal

Lars Lindberg Christensen, ESO


Main Topics


Workshop (August 1st -3rd)

  • Galileo Teacher Training Program
  • Software tools in computer science and astronomy GHOU Resources
  • Dark Matter, Exo-Planets!
  • The Universe Quest Game!
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Remote Telescopes
  • High School Projects
  • Visit to Garching Institutes

GHOU Main Conference (August 5th -7th)

  • Hands-on Universe Around the Globe
  • Galileo Teacher Training Programme
  • Outreach Strategies
  • School Projects and Discoveries, and Many New Opportunities!
  • International School Projects
  • Astronomy and Culture/Philosophy
  • New Methods/Projects in Education
  • Astronomical Software




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